Blog all who cares -- The Day of Magic (peterholecka)Last few weeks were uhmm bad,it's not the right word for it, but something like that - and it forces me to do something, sleepless night was ideal battleground for me so sorry about my grammar!----- Up to now I was haunted by fears that wasn't mine, again and again I tried to be someone else and I spent my life by lookin' for my endless sunshine somewhere far away, I wanna give it up ! I couldn't sleep many nights so my mind was full of unstable thoughts - I couldn't stick them into one piece, BUT one night which seems like Night of end of my hope, rised up and brought me solution -- this night, I've  invented  "Day of Magic", I was afraid about that at first, 'cause it has just one disability - It can be your "First Day of Magic" as well as "Last Day of Magic" but it's up to you - so why don't try it I asked myself -- and-- it works -- i realized  that my sunshine was here all the Time, it was me who was blind ! It's time to live MY life ! post.scrip. (never mind that you can handle your life without support so take a look around ya with eyes wide open -- till you will need "Day of Magic" - but if it's late for you...---) Peter Had Holecka to everyone who cares !Tue, 20 Jul 2010 08:37:59 +0200šiel som sa žiť! (peterholecka)Našiel som sa žiť!Človek-Neverím v nič !Som absolútny egoista,viem,že neexistuje nič iné.Toto je môj život, môj svet a môj čas ! Vždy som bol a budem len ja a budem sám ! Nikto nič nikde, ja. Som prvý aj posledný. Ja som stvoriteľ, vykupiteľ, baránok, pastier, diabol, láska, žiovot aj smrť.Ja som slnko, voda, vzuch, oheň, ja som vesmír, ja som zajtra, včera aj dnes. So mnou zmizne všetko ! -Našiel si sa žiť ?!Thu, 03 Jun 2010 00:56:41 +0200